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Digital Infrared Thermometer IR Laser

Digital Infrared Thermometer IR Laser

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Looking for a reliable and high-precision infrared thermometer? Look no further than our Digital Infrared Thermometer IR Laser! Made of premium quality materials, it is highly accurate and durable. With a wide temperature range, it can be used to measure the surface temperature of various objects. It is also equipped with a LCD screen and features adjustable emissivity, high/low temperature alarm, data retention, unit conversion and multipoint measurement. Moreover, it has a low power prompt and will automatically shut down when not in use. And it comes with a bright color screen, temperature probe and fast USB charging. Most importantly, it has a 12-point laser positioning system for more accurate measurements. Don't miss out on this amazing product!



800B:-50~800C,with temperature probe
800C:-50~800C,,with temperature probe ,ambient temperature humidity, Dew point, Mildew measurement

D:S : 12:1
Emissivity:0.1~100 adjustable
Response spectrum :8~14um
Temperature sensitive zone Laser :<1mW/630-670nm level 2
Response time:<0.5s
Automatic shutdown :30 seconds

400/600:Only one laser point
800B/800C:12 laser points

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